Brewmaster - The Craft Beer Game
Brewmaster - The Craft Beer Game

Brewmaster - The Craft Beer Game

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BrewMaster - The Craft Beer Game is a fun card and board game for 2-5 players.

The exciting world of microbrewing and craft brewing come alive in BrewMaster - The Craft Beer Game. The game puts you in charge of starting a microbrewery and creating crowd support for your hand-crafted beer products. Over the course of the game you and other microbrewers will convert more and more customers to craft beer. As the market matures, you will compete against one another for crowd support and beer festival trophies.

BrewMaster - The Craft Beer Game is part beer appreciation game, part strategy game, and 100 percent fun. It was designed by brewers, tested by beer fans, game fans, and enjoyed by all. This is not a drinking game or trivia game. Instead you will combine real ingredients to make real beers, using mechanics that while simple are difficult to master - like the art of brewing itself.

2-5 players
60mins approx per game
Age 10+

Official rule book
75 ingredient cards
15 event cards
One die
Game board
40 chips
7 beer festival trophies