Epic Pale Ale Clone 23L Kit

Epic Pale Ale Clone 23L Kit

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Epic Pale Ale Clone 23L Recipe Kit


You can only drink so many beers in a lifetime, so you better make each one count. That’s where we can help. Because at Epic we’re obsessed with creating big hop-fuelled beers. This takes a shed-load of skill. It also takes a shed-load of hops. In fact there are 25 crammed into each bottle of Pale Ale. Many brewers would call this ‘insane. We call it flavour.


This kit contains all the grains, hops, yeast, brewing salts and whirfloc required to make a 23L clone of this great beer.


O.G 1.052 (at 75% efficiency)

F.G 1.011

5.4% ABV 



5.17kg of Gladfield Malt


210g Taiheke (NZ Cascade) Hops


1 x Safale US05 Yeast