Gladfield Toffee Malt

Gladfield Toffee Malt

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Toffee Malt

What is it?
Lightly caramelized malt, low in colour. Unique to Gladfield Malt.

How does it taste?
Cream and vanilla candy-like sweetness with notes of honey and toffee.

What does it add to the beer?
Wonderful dessert like flavours, a chewy consistency, enhanced stability, body and mouth-feel.

Typical Beer Styles:
Pilsners, Lagers

Typical Usage Rates:
Up to 25%. Due to Toffee Malt’s higher moisture content, consider blending through with base malts to ensure a good crush and full release of flavour.


(max) %
- Fine Dry
Wort Colour
Toffee Malt 7.5 74 10 - 20 12