Nelson Sauvin 100g Pallet Hops  - 9.9% AA

Nelson Sauvin 100g Pallet Hops - 9.9% AA

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An aroma /dual purpose flavour hop with distinctive “New World” white wine characters

Nelson Sauvin™ Brand 85-03-06 is a triploid variety bred from the New Zealand variety “Smoothcone” and a selected New Zealand male. Developed by New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research and released in 2000, the essential oil profile displays characteristics of “fresh crushed gooseberries” a descriptor often used for the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc, giving rise to this variety’s name.

Described during selection as “breathtaking” Nelson Sauvin has the unique ability to impart a distinctive cool climate white wine “fruitiness”. The complexity of the oils profile has seen selectors stretched looking for descriptors to document this unique new world variety.

A hop that may require judicious application in the brew house, this truly unique dual-purpose variety can be used to produce big punchy Ales as well as subtle aroma driven Lagers. The fruitiness may be a little overpowering for the un-initiated, however those with a penchant for bold hop character will find several applications for this true brewer's hop.

The Quintessential New Zealand Hop
Very much at home in the new-world styles such as American Pale Ale and IPA’s. This hop is considered by some as being extreme

VARIETAL: 85-03-06
Technical Data
HPLC & Oil Composition (Measured within 6 months of harvest, stored at 0C)
Alpha Acids 12-13%
Beta Acids 6-8%
Cohumulone 24% of Alpha Acids
Total Oil 1.1 ml oil per 100gm cone weight
Concentration 79 uL Oil/gram Alpha
Myrcene 22.2%
Humulene 36.4%
Caryophyllene 10.7%
Farnesene 0.4%
Citrus-Piney Fraction 7.8%
Floral Estery Fraction 2.8%
H/C Ratio 3.6